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"If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far... go together" 
~African Proverb
Business leadership groups are often called "Mastermind Groups". 
We get it.  And, there are no masters here. 

Our cohort facilitators and members seek to think and act from a student mind... to learn, to better understand, to take action, and to continuously improve.
Learner Leader Cohorts are private, confidential, professionally facilitated, and purposefully diverse leadership learning cohorts for CEOs, business owners and nonprofit directors.

We are committed to personal, professional, organizational and enterprise value growth - and operating from and expanding that nexus, as we continuously to learn to lead our lives, and organizations
to the next level.
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The Learner Leader Cohort Session Structure

(Each Cohort Session is 3 hours by Zoom)


Palate Cleanser (15 Minutes)

We begin each cohort session with a "palate cleanser", a fun, simple exercise to rinse away whatever we may be bringing to the meeting.  It gives us the opportunity to start the session from a blank slate. 


Example palate cleansers might be: "One band to rule them all - what is it?", or "What's your favorite home cooked meal?", or "name a place that's on your bucket list." 









These exercises helps you let go of whatever mental distractions you might be unwittingly bringing to the session so you can get the most out each session, and be completely present for your the other members - and it helps the other members get to know you better.

Monthly "Meditation" and Learning Topic (30 minutes)
Each month we discuss the "monthly meditation" that was posited at the end of the previous month's session. We discuss deep questions like "How do you see yourself?", "What are you working towards?", "What's stopping you?" and other internal questions that influence our personal psychology and affect  questions that affect our self and organizational leadership - and thusly our ability to reach our goals.

















BIO BREAK (5 minutes)

















We're all busy running companies and nonprofit organizations, but when ya' gotta go... ya gotta go!

Individual Check-ins (40 Minutes)
Each member reports to the group on their current state, from 5 different perspectives:

Mental - What's the current state of your mental health?

Physical - How are you doing in relationship to your own physiology?

Spiritual - How's your relationship to faith and/or spirituality, however you define it?

Business - What's the current state of the business or nonprofit you own or operate?

Forecast - What's the forecast according the key performance indicators you typically measure?



These states are tracked and line-graphed month over month so the cohort member can see how they are trending in relationship to the 5 functional check-in areas; and monitor progress on pressing issues they've brought to the cohort in previous months. 

Facilitated 3-Step Issue Processing (75 Minutes)

At each session 2-3 members will have the opportunity to have their most pressing issue processed by the group, according to this 3-step issue processing structure:







1) Presentation:

The member presents her/his most pressing issue to the group in a concise, 5 minute verbal description to the group.


2) Clarification:

The group members then ask clarifying questions in order to drill down and get at the heart of the issue, and make sure that they fundamentally understand the issue that the member is facing.  No embedded solutions are allowed in the clarification phase of the process.


3) Ideation:

Once the cohort is clear in their collective understanding of the issue the members offer advice, insights and recommended actions to remedy the issue, and obviate it.

Closing Thoughts (15 Minutes)

We close with a short round-robin statement of takeaways from the session, and actions to be taken in the interim between now and the next cohort


















After Session Networking

When the session ends the room is left open and break out rooms are available for anyone who wishes to stay and connect with other members or the cohort facilitator.










Ground Rules for Participation

-Be on time.  You matter to the group, so give them every minute of you

-Be present.  Make this time sacrosanct and be with the group the whole time

-Be discreet.  What is said in the group stays in the group

-Be reliable.  You should attend each meeting & must attend 8/10 sessions per year

-Be considerate.  You must be vaccinated and/or wear a mask (for in-person meetings)

-Be honest, forthright, compassionate 

-Be helpful.  We're here to help each other, both inside and outside of the group

-Be open.  We're all here to learn





 Tuition & Terms 


Monthly Tuition

Large Companies/Nonprofits (over 2,500 employees) $1,990

Middle Market Companies/Nonprofits (250-2,499 employees) $1,390

Mid-sized Enterprises/Nonprofits (50-249 employees) $790

Small Enterprises/Nonprofits (10-49 employees) $590

Micro Enterprises/Nonprofits (0-9 employees) $390












Terms of Membership

Subsequent to being accepted into a Cohort, the member will remit payment automatically via credit card enrollment (Stripe). 


If at any time the member no longer sees value in the group, he or she may simply leave the cohort.  


Likewise, if the consensus of the cohort is that the member is not bringing value to the cohort, or is out of integrity with it, its ground rules or culture,  the member may be asked by the cohort's facilitator to leave the cohort.

For the good of the cohort and/or the departing member advanced notice is appreciated and given when a member wishes to leave the cohort. 


In any event, the member agrees to remit tuition payment for each monthly Cohort, or Coaching session that he or she has attended. 

The content of the cohort sessions that the member attended remains confidential regardless of whether or not the member is currently a member in good standing, has visited a group, or is a former member of the group. 


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Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Bridge
"Even a monk cannot shave his own head" 
~Ancient Korean Proverb
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